Sometimes, especially in the wee hours of the morning, you just need that pick-me-up. Most people’s go-to? A strong cup of coffee!

Artist and coffee enthusiast from Ohio, Carrah Aldridge, has certainly that in her mind. But she also knows that inspiration can come from even the most mundane places and that with a little creativity, you can turn something plain into something beautiful.

Carrah loves to show her artistic talent on pretty much everything, but her specialty is drawing on Starbucks cups, she said that she got her inspiration from an artist by the name of Kristina Webb who drew on a cup and then she decided to try it out herself. It turned out for her to be one of her favorite things to do and now she has a little collection growing.

So the next time you’re enjoying your coffee — or whatever complicated Starbucks order that is capturing your heart today — take a moment and consider what your plain cup might become if you picked up a pen.

If you like these, be sure to check out the rest of Carrah’s artwork, which involves way more than just cups, on her Instagram.

And be sure to SHARE her work with a friend so that the next time you go out for coffee, you can try your hand at doodling on the cups!

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