Woman sparks outrage for comparing stay-at-home and working moms using chart. What do you think?

common conversation most women will discuss at some point is wheter or not they are better off out in the task force or remaining at home to take care of their brood. Something that is a personal decision to all of us for many different reason. Blogger Lori Alexander seems to have caused quiet an uproar on social media after sharing a chart called “Should Mothers Have Careers?” According to a lot of women the chart is totally ridiculous.

The post was shared by Lori on the Transformed Wife which details her life about Christian motherhood and marriage. The image is displayed like flowchart, with working moms’ lives on one side and stay-at-home moms’ lives on the other.

Recently Lori fanned the flames by posting this flowchart about working moms vs. stay-at-home moms. The post has nearly 2,000 comments and counting, and well… you can see why.

On the working mom side, life seem to become progressively worse and worse.

“Away from home hours every day,” the chart reads. “Comes home exhausted. Dinner is usually fast food or microwaved.” Also: “Too tired for intimacy with husband.”

Apparently for stay-at-home moms, life is seemingly a breeze.

“Home all day long,” the chart says. “Rests while her children nap. Dinner is from scratch, nutritious, and delicious. Reads to children, plays games, disciplines, teaches about Jesus all day long.”

It seems the chart concludes that stay-at-home moms have way better lives.

Sparking responses from both working moms and stay-at-home moms to prove her wrong, and it seems the responses are spot-on.

Most of the remaining comments are from wives and mothers who didn’t reallyappreciate being pitted against other moms.

Now that the post is drowning in angry comments, Lori hasn’t bothered to reply to most of them.

Now that the post is drowning in angry comments, Lori hasn’t bothered to reply to most of them.

But Lori did have a response for one mother who wrote that she was never able to rest once while her children napped.

It’s your own fault if you didn’t nap when your children napped,” she wrote. “There are areas that we have full control over as mothers being home full time,” Lori adds.

So moms the answer is simple! If you have a job then you should quit, stay at home everything will be just perfect.

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