Woman Sitting Near Twin Babies On Plane Is Astonished When Parents Start Giving Out Unusual ‘Bags’

Christina Galese hopped on board the plane for her trip from Newark Liberty International Airport to Orlando, armed for her flight with her trusty headphones. You never know if your seatmate is a snorer, a talker or an armrest hog, so she tried to be prepared.

But Christina definitely wasn’t ready for what she encountered on her plane. In fact, other passengers were quite stunned at what they traipsed across, too.

Flickr/Jason O’Halloran

In one row was seated a dad with his cutie pie 18-month-old daughter perched on his lap. In an adjacent row was his wife and the little girl’s precious twin sister.

Christina noticed numerous passengers briskly walking right on by the two rows where the wee ones sat, but she didn’t. She shared her story with Love What Matters and said she doesn’t mind children and knew she had a secret weapon anyway — her headphones.

Flickr/Ben Loomis

She climbed over the dad and one of the twins to occupy the window seat in their row. More and more people walked on by, some glancing disdainfully at the young family.

Oftentimes airline passengers are less than thrilled when pint-sized travelers are on board their plane. Especially if they’re fussy or loudly crying.

But Christina didn’t mind. Neither apparently did the passenger who sat down between her and the dad cradling the little girl.

Before their flight taxied down the runway, the mom and dad did something so astonishing that Christina felt compelled to share their story. She and the other passengers couldn’t believe it!

The parents of the twins stood up and handed out goodie bags to all of the passengers around them! The bags contained yummy chocolates and none other than a pair of earplugs.

The accompanying note tucked into the bag read:

Hello! Our names are Ashley & Abby. We’re twins, we just turned 18 months and this is our first time on an airplane! We are heading to FL to see Grandma & Grandpa, and Mommy & Daddy said something about a mouse. We’ll try to keep our cool, but in case we decide to get crazy, we’ve provided a sweet treat and some earplugs for your enjoyment. Thank you for understanding and enjoy your flight!”

Facebook/Love What Matters

Christina said she had never seen a family make such a gesture to fellow passengers on a confined plane. Everyone seemed to appreciate their foresight and sweetness.

“Such a thoughtful, simple act of kindness that I am so happy to have experienced.”
For the duration of their flight, Christina and the passengers never once needed the earplugs, although they snuck in a few bites of delicious chocolate. She described the twins as “the most adorable and well-behaved little girls ever.”

Even though kids will be kids and parents shouldn’t feel bad about them exhibiting typical toddler behavior, even on a plane, what these parents did was truly heartwarming. What a clever and compassionate idea!