The young individuals in the world are indubitably the voice of the future; and it’s important that the voice that they hear encourages them to do bigger and better things. 19 year-old Boyan Slat is a perfect example of this trying to clean up the oceans with his plan regarding the “Ocean Cleanup Array” that has potential to remove over 7.25 million tons of plastic waste from the oceans. The device itself is revolutionary with a huge network of anchored floating booms and processing platforms with the primary use of dispatching garbage patches within the Earth. Another Example of a young person trying to save the world is through 16 year-old Elif Bilgin from Istanbul. Elif has found a way to make biodegradable plastic using only banana peels- something she worked on independently for over two years before she had success.

Through her own research, she found out that starch and cellulose are already the primary ingredients that are used in bio-plastic industry, and they are the most important ingredients to consider when making these kinds of products. She also found out that countries like Thailand discard over 200 tons of banana peels per day- putting the refuse to better use.

This individual, only 16 years old, has already shown the world that there are steps available to change the way we live. She has created new plastics that are solid, reliable, and better for the environment and individuals that the current toxic, outdated methods used to make plastic; often these toxins leak into our food or beverages because of heat or material transfer- and could even cause cancer. With this new invention, we can take steps to prevent some of the problems plaguing our world.

There are a ton of problems in the world, but if we all work together and face all of our problems with new, technology based approaches that make our world cleaner and more efficient, we can do great things. All we need to do is get the ball rolling, any and all help is appreciated.

Source: Collective Evolution

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