Thieves Run Over 200-Pound Galapagos Tortoise

The web was surrounded by a video from a surveillance camera, in which we can see the shocking act of two thieves.

Two men tried to steal a 200-pound turtle from the owner, and in the end the animal suffered a cruel fate.

Jerry Fife, the owner of a Galapagos tortoise named Jasmine, spotted two men carrying the said animal towards their truck on his Arizona estate. Because he caught them durign the act, they quickly changed their plans and fled in a vehicle.

They didn’t care about the turtle anymore – they ran over the helpless animal with the vehicle and injured it so badly that it died as a result of the injuries. The owner was heartbroken after the event, as he cared for the turtle for 27 years, ever since it hatched from an egg at his home.

Look at the horror in which two thieves ran over a 200-pound turtle after trying to steal it. Human evil really knows no bounds.