These mini Funfetti Shortbread Bites are incredibly easy to make and totally addictive

The Christmas festivities aren’t complete without sweets. There thousands of recipes to make for your loved ones. However, the ones we’re about to show you will definitely impress your family members and friends and it’s amazingly easy to make.

These cookies are the perfect size for popping in your mouth while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. They can also be decorated with festive colors instead of using traditional rainbow sprinkles.

Since you can use any color, they don’t have to be reserved for the holiday season.

You can make them for a family reunion, birthday party, or another special event that calls for a dessert.

The recipe for the cookie is simple to follow. Even the youngest members of the family can help with making this colorful dessert. Not only can you change the types of sprinkles that you use, but you can also change the kind of extract flavoring that is used in the recipe, such as vanilla instead of almond.

Another idea to change the recipe is to change the shape of the cookie or make the squares a little bigger. Put the cookies in treat bags for your child’s class or in a gift bag as a way to offer a sweet treat for someone you care about.

Ingredients needed to make the cookies include sugar, flour, butter, and almond extract. If you use red and green sprinkles, then these will be adorable Christmas cookies for your guests or for your family to enjoy.

Put a platter of the sweet treats on the table for Santa along with a glass of milk. You can also put a plate of cookies out to enjoy while you’re watching holiday movies together.

Add a little character to the cookies that you make by cutting them into festive shapes, such as Santa hats or reindeer. Decorate each cookie so that it looks like the character that you cut out. There are a few other versions of the cookie that you could make, such as a gingerbread cookie with white sprinkles.

You could cut out a gingerbread man if you don’t want to use a square design that you would use making the traditional cookie.

View the video to see how all of the ingredients come together to make the festive confetti shortbreads!