Pregnant Teen is Scared Her Boyfriend Will Abandon Her – His Response Brings Tears to Everyone’s Eyes


One of the most beautiful moments in life is when you find out that you’re going to be a parent of a cute little baby. This special moment is certainly changing everything in anyone’s life. Many of you, who are parents now, totally understands it. However, for young parents-to-be who haven’t finished school yet, it probably makes them with mixed feelings.

Taking care of a little one when you’re not even that mature is quite the challenge. Most teens will not be able to handle it, but some of them are ready to take the responsibility and surprise their families.

Caitilin Fladager, is a girl who discovered that she was pregnant when she’s still a teenager, The picture below shows her with her boyfriend and the father of her baby, Noah.


Caitlin and Noah met each other and fell in love, their relationship took a serious turn when they found out that their baby is coming.

Caitlin was lost and terrified, Her family assured her that they will stay by her side supporting her and her baby, but they weren’t sure about Noah so they started telling her that he would leave her the moment their baby is born.

Caitlin wanted to know what Noah is willing to do, so she confronted him and yell at him, thinking that her family was right and Noah would dump her the soonest possible. Noah was hurt by the accusations but he took his stand and replied:

You’ll have to wait and see…


The young couple didn’t wait too long because their baby, Arianna, soon arrived.

Noah did exactly what he said, he stood by his little family’s side and didn’t leave. He took the role of not only a dad but the best possible dad to his baby daughter.

After a while, he popped the important question to Caitlin: “Will you marry me?”

Caitlin shared her family’s story in a Twitter post, and it quickly went viral with thousands retweets and likes.

She writes:

“My husband was only 17 when I got pregnant with our daughter and I was told to expect him to leave. 4 years ago, when I asked him how he would be different than any other teen dad, he said ‘I guess you’ll have to wait and see so I can show you’. He definitely did.”

The couple is trying their best for their life together and for their babies. Caitlin confessed that she suffers from anxiety, she regularly talks about her daily experiences on social media. And she doesn’t forget to show how much lucky she is to have a good husband like Noah by her side, when she’s a young mom with anxiety issue.

Noah proved to be a faithful husband and a great father to his kids, Because when Arianna grew up a little bit, the couple soon after welcomed baby son, Jack.

Caitlin and Noah are a good example of how parents should be. Although, so many people tried to discourage Caitlin and telling her that things wouldn’t work out for her, she’s now living happy along with her own family.

We’re glad to hear about this couple’s inspiring story,  we hope to see more of them. The world seems sometimes evil and cruel, that’s why we need this kind of tales every now and to feel a bit more of hope and faith in people and life.


This is clearly a strong family. They also prove that anyone can take responsibility and become a loving parent, regardless of age. These young people have really shown what it means to be grown ups.

Nobody is perfect, but Caitlin and Noah have found strength: both within themselves, and also in their children. I think we could all learn from them.

The most important thing of all? Never judge a book by it’s cover …

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