People collected $450,000 for ‘Ice Boy’ who walked 3 miles in freezing weather to pass exam

Some kids try to find reasons for their parents so they wouldn’t go to school. If you’re a parent, you must’ve heard of countless excuses made up by your child so they won’t attend classes: from stomach aches to fevers.

For one Chinese little boy, going to school is one of the important things in his life. Wang Fuman even walks more than 3 miles every morning to attend his classes and in the winter season he has to walk in freezing cold. Fortunately, his devotion has gained him a lot of attention and some amazing help from caring people around the world!

Wang is only eight-years-old and he lives in the Chinese province Yunnan. Wang is separated from both his parents since his mother abandoned the children and his father has to work away from home. Wang and his sister are cared for by their grandmother; however, it’s difficult for the older woman to make ends meet.

School is very important to Wang and he goes even when it is difficult. Wang’s school has no heat and the little boy suffers from regular hypothermia. While other children wear plenty of clothing to help keep them warm, Wang doesn’t have more than a thin coat to wear.

What do you think of Wang’s devotion for his school work and moving ahead in life? We can only hope that we have a little bit of his determination in our work and lives!