Dad disappointed after learning his daughter bullied classmate, so he treats the victim to a shopping spree

A father from South Carolina was very sad and disappointed when he found out his daughter had been bullying a girl at her school. Randy Smalls told Yahoo Lifestyle that he felt so terrible since he had been also bullied when he was just a kid by other students.

Randy didn’t want to let it pass without confronting his daughter and teaching her a lesson about bullying. He then remembered how much his daughter, Re’Onna, adores to go shopping. So he used the money he’s been saving to take her to a shopping spree as a good behavior reward and take the bullied girl instead.

The story appeared on the daytime T.V. show “Strahan, Keke, & Sara.” Randy decided the victim of the bullying, Ryan Reese, needed to have a good time far more than her bully did, and took her on the shopping spree instead of Re’Onna. The victim had a grand time and purchased some much-needed new clothing.

Re’Onna was really angry at first but finally came to realize that Ryan deserved the spree.

Ryan had trouble describing her feelings about being bullied. She said she had recently lost her father, grandfather, and aunt, and was having some difficulty dealing with the grief. The bullying on top of this had left her feeling sad and quite depressed. She told her mother about the bullying.

When Ryan’s mom found out about the bullying, she immediately contacted Re’Onna’s parents to inform them of their daughter’s totally uncool behavior. She said she had no idea what to expect; in fact, she expected nothing, as in her experience most parents didn’t seem to care if their children went around bullying other students.

The kicker to Randy’s approach to teaching Re’Onna a lesson was that he made her tag along to the shopping trip – except she wasn’t allowed to shop, just watch Ryan shop. The spree had two effects: the two girls got to know each other, and Re’Onna realized how wrong her behavior had been.

Randy told ABC’s Strahan, Sara, and Keke, that parents are responsible for their children’s behavior, and that it is important for parents to not try to be their child’s friend. In fact, this entire story shows a picture of good parenting: one parent found out about the bullying and reached out to the other parent, who immediately took action to correct the problem.

Bullying is a big problem among both children and adults. We can nip the problem in the bud by correcting children who are bullying other children and teaching them that bullying is wrong. Concerned about bullying? Consider discussing this story with your friends and family.