New dad hires repairman to fix furnace, only to find note about newborn son scribbled on bill

Jesse and Maria Hulscher were so thrilled when their second baby was born.  Maria stayed with the baby in the hospital while Jesse and their two-year-old son came back home. However, Jesse met up with bad news moment he walked into the house, he found out that the furnace had stopped working.

Compounding the situation was an impending blizzard. Seeing a furnace shut down is never a good thing. The temperature dropping severely while expecting a newborn to join a two-year-old makes things even more difficult. Jesse did what most people would do in the situation. He called a repair service. The repair service responded, but not in the way most expect. And it did so in a good way.

Jesse’s frantic phone call to Magnuson Sheet Metal got all the necessary points across. He informed the person on the other end of the phone the furnace didn’t work and a newborn was coming home. The service dispatched a repairman without delay.

And then the bill came. More accurately, a blank bill with a happy note arrived. Magnuson Sheet Metal charged no fee for the repair work. Instead, the bill came with an inscription telling dad and mom to take care of the little one, as reported in The Sun.

Co-owner Craig Aurand said his company maintains a policy of helping people in need during holidays for free. Publicity stunts and free advertising don’t motivate Aurand’s actions. The company continues a policy of doing good deeds.

Informing people of this beautiful tale would be a good deed in and of itself. Let the whole world know about this tale. The story reveals there genuinely are some good people out there.