Mother hits back at strangers who mock baby daughter because of her large facial birthmark

We are all born differently, each of us has their own selves. Some with blond hair and blue eyes, others with both dark eyes and hair when others are born with special birthmarks. Luna Fenner, is a little girl who was born with a very special birthmark

Luna was born with a large, dark birthmark on her face that resembles the “Batman” mask. This birthmark is known as a giant congenital melanocytic nevus (GCMN).

Luna’s parents were surprised to see the birthmark when she was born. Carol Fenner, Luna’s mother told the Daily Mail, “It’s impossible to know before babies are born whether they will have this mark. We had a 4D scan, which showed that she had a lot of hair, but nothing to show she had a birthmark.”

After Luna was born, the doctors and nurses scrambled to find answers as to what the birthmark meant for the little girl’s future. At the same time, Luna’s parents were trying to come to grips with the unique look of their daughter’s face.

“When Luna was first born nobody in the room knew what the condition was,” Carol told the Daily Mail.

In an effort to bring awareness to Luna’s case, her parents set up a social media page where they share updates on the baby’s day-to-day life. They’ve also started a crowdfunding page to raise money for a potentially life-changing procedure.

Carol explains that they’ve found a doctor overseas that performs a procedure that will remove the birthmark on Luna’s face. Since the procedure is not yet available in the United States, they have to travel to another country to have it performed.

Although Luna’s parents have tried to take their daughter’s unusual diagnosis in stride- even donning “Batman” masks themselves in order to look like their daughter- they hope to have the procedure done before their little girl starts school

Luna’s parents are also worried that she may be bullied as she gets older due to her birthmark. Carol told the Daily Mail Luna has already been mocked by strangers.

“I don’t want her to get bullied, people ask if it’s contagious and say really mean things. One time we were at church, and a girl sitting next to us said to her mother, ‘Wow, look at her. What a monster,” Carol said.

More importantly, Luna’s parents are very adamant about removing the birthmark because it could lead to cancer when she is older.

What do you think about Luna’s birthmark? Do you think her parents are doing the right thing by having it removed, or should they leave it as is? Be sure to let us know what you would do if you were Luna’s parents and then pass this along to raise awareness for Luna’s story.