Mom takes disabled husband & daughter to dinner, then returns to find rude note on car: but it’s her reaction that’s gone viral

It was while Kionna, her spouse Dusty, and their daughter of 8 years got to their car from taking lunch at Olive Garden in Oklahoma City when they found an abusive note left at their car’s windshield which was at the parking lot.

The author of the note wrote: Disabled? No. Just your big fat a**es.

Apart from being accused of using the parking lot for the disabled people, the author also abused the couple’s physical looks.

The couple tied to take the yellow paper note from the windshield so as to evade their daughter from seeing it but she was too quick to have a glance at it. She later asked why a person will leave such an irritating note.

The fact that the impolite author never knew was that Dusty was a disabled man who suffered a medical condition for a long time.

To Kionna, this was her response to the abusive yellow note.

This is what Kionna, a resident of Oklahoma, had to write on Facebook way back in October 2015:


Facebook / Kionna Montazeri

To the one who left the note at her car, she said that she wanted to thank him/her.


Facebook / Kionna Montazeri

This was because the abusive note that was meant to offend them turned out to be an excellent opportunity for her to teach her daughter something.

Upon seeing the note, the 8 year-old daughter asked her why people do that even when they never knew them.

The daughter’s dad was in fact disabled and would never have the chance to walk down the aisle with her on her wedding day.


Olive Garden

She told her daughter that some people were just filled with hatred.“So we explained to her that some people just have hate in their hearts.

Also they told her how her decisions and deeds can hurt others, so it was better for her to be careful on what she does to others.


Facebook / Kionna Montazeri

She told her that she was correct when she said that the author of the note never knew them. They never knew that her dad was disabled with a Muscular Dystrophy condition for all his life.

The people were not aware that the doctors had told him to be using a wheelchair only that he refused and preferred to walk on his feet, which he came to fall down and as a result he broke his ankle and knees.

Also that they had spent two years trying to adapt to the lifestyle that he cannot be on his feet to enter or come out of the car.


Facebook / Kionna Montazeri

And that they never noticed that she had a torn rotator cuff due to lifting him so that he can move. They were totally unaware of how much pain he lives with and the offensive words were an addition of more pain to him. Also, he had a belly because the stomach muscles are weak to their work of holding all together.

What the author never knew was that their daughter never understood why her father is unable to play with her the way others do.

Because of being unaware, they let hate fill their heats.


Facebook / Kionna Montazeri

Because of being ignorant, the author gave a perfect chance for her and her husband who have struggled in the past years to educate their daughter an important and worth lesson, also to give them strength for continuing.

She hoped that her Facebook post, which went became popular will be read by the author of the note. All she wanted to convey was that there are people in the world who are like her spouse, that are not noticed to be disabled.

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