Hero Teenage Boy Drives To A Burning Barn To Rescue 14 Trapped Clydesdale Horses

The 16-year-old is widely known as a hero after saving the lives of 14 Clydesdale horses with his quick thinking ability. McConne Martin was in his apartment with his family about 60 miles east of Atlanta when lightning struck his residence late that night.

Shannon, Macon’s mother, explains that a lightning bolt shook the family home. She remembers how she was asleep in bed a second and a second later she was standing next to her mattress, trying to figure out what had happened.

Without electricity, the family could only see in the light of a fire that quickly engulfed their stable. To make matters worse, the barn doors were locked and there wasn’t enough time to find the key.

I just ran right out. I had no clothes on, no shoes, no nothing: Macon said. Without hesitation, the heroic teen jumped into a nearby 4-wheel drive utility vehicle and drove straight through the barn wall. “I just jumped in our Gator and I just ran it right into the door,” he told local NBC affiliate WKYC Channel 3 News.

He stormed like Rambo and opened the end of the stalls and said, Mom, here…and we were able to push the horses that way, said Shannon.

The 14 horses were not injured by the outbreak, but the barn was completely destroyed.

She said owning a barn was a family dream. She also said that she and her family built the barn with their own weapons. The will was confirmed on her face when she said that they could build another barn on the same site.