‘Granny Pods’ now allow your aging parents to live in your backyard

Nowadays, more and more families are choosing “granny pods” over nursing homes for their elderly parents. These tiny houses are a great alternative to keep your parents closer. They’re designed with senior accessibility in mind, but they’re also small enough to fit in a backyard

These new medically equipped homes are pre-fabricated and allow you to take care of your grandmother or other loved ones from the comfort of your own property. Depending on the zoning laws of your area, you can set up this pod behind your home in the backyard.

You can hook up the home to already existing power lines, water supply, and sewer, so they’re easy to maintain.

Beginning prototypes for this home can be pricey, however. The units can cost upwards of $125,000. The homes are extremely suitable for the elderly, as they contain many safety features to keep the person who lives there in good comfort.

The pods are furnished with defibrillators, supplies for first aid, and hand railings for easy accessibility. The pods even include lighted floorboards that are softer than the average to minimize pain and damage that can be caused by an unexpected fall.

Furthering the safety of these buildings, they come equipped with electronic devices that can help monitor vital signs such as blood pressure and glucose levels. Interactive videos supply caregivers and medical professionals with information in real time.

Although there are many different types of these homes available, the standard MEDCottage measures 12 by 24 feet, the size of a typical master bedroom.

However, the features include those of a hotel suite, such as a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a living area.

The home is beautified with vinyl siding, and French double doors, big enough to allow access for wheelchair users or equipment from hospitals.

The convenience of investing in one of these bungalows is that your elderly parent or grandparent can be taken care of with minimal travel due to the ease of having them on your own property. They will be able to enjoy your company while still maintaining some sense of independence in their own space! No more worrying about if their quality of life or medical care is being taken care of properly, as you’re able to oversee it yourself!

What are your thoughts on the features and accommodation of one of these tiny homes? Would you consider housing a loved one in a “granny pod?” Let us know your thoughts and show this article to the friends and family you know who may be interested!