Golden Retriever Stops A Cat Fight In Hilarious Way

Years ago, the web circled a video in which we can see a fight between two cats.
However the whole adventure soon ended, when the cats were prevented from fighting by a sympathetic golden retriever, who provided a dose of laughter with his move.

The video, in which the author captured two cats during a “verbal” fight, is already a real success online – to date, the video has reached almost 18 million views on the YouTube network, and the credit for the exceptional response goes mainly to the golden retriever.

With a skilful move, the dog prevented the cats from beating each other – he first grabbed one of them by the collar and took it away from another. He also made sure that the cats did not fight after that.

Watch a cute video in which the golden retriever provided a dose of laughter with his hilarious move, when he prevented two cats from a street fight. No doubt a video that will brighten your day in an instant!