Fish and chips shop to open on Christmas day to offer free meals to the homeless

Staff at the The Victoria Fish Bar in Whitchurch, Cardiff, Wales will open on Christmas Day – December 25th – to offer free food to the homeless, elderly and vulnerable.

According to The Victoria Fish Bar’s Facebook post earlier in the week, they were frustrated at the rise of homelessness across the capital and they felt that help was needed, especially on a day like this.

The post calls out that “The ‘A’ team at Victoria Fish Bar in Whitchurch have decided to open their doors on Christmas day, This, however, will not be for usual service.”

They’re going to be open from 12-3 pm for everyone who can’t afford a meal, they mention on their Facebook. For the destitute, debilitated and hurting population that just doesn’t have anything on this day of giving and caring. They want to be family for the day and to offer up what they can in the spirit of Christmas.

Comments obviously were pouring in praising the company for it’s kind-hearted gesture, according to the BBC. One user said, “How wonderful. It’s so sad that this is necessary. Hats off to you fab guys. I hope more people do the same.”

Others simply praised the humanity of their efforts and reported being nearly brought to tears over the generosity that has been displayed.

Mr. Nazakat has been “overwhelmed” by the reaction to his social media post, which has attracted support from across the world.

He has owned the shop in Whitchurch for 12 years and intended the gesture last year, until a surprise gift thwarted his plans. “When I told my wife what I wanted to do she burst into tears because she had booked a surprise holiday but said it was such a lovely idea,” he told the BBC.

“The money doesn’t matter. We don’t want donations, but people have offered to come and help put a smile on faces.” says the Facebook post. “The staff were more than happy to come in. Even their families are joining in.”

What do you think about this gesture by the Victoria Fish Bar? Do you know anyone special who helps out the less fortunate over the holidays? Feel free to tell us their tale and spread the story of this generous business.