Drivers frustrated with stationary car at stop sign – then 16-yr-old boy looks through window and realizes he has to act

16-year-old Max Greenwood was out driving his car in Oscealo Township, Michigan, when he saw something peculiar.

A car had come to a halt before a stop sign, and wasn’t moving despite being given the all-clear to go. According to Max, there seemed to be something wrong with one of the car’s wheels.

Other drivers were simply honking their horns and swinging past it; their drivers frustrated at having been stuck. Not one of them stopped to help.

But Max was different. He decided to see what was wrong.

“I didn’t want to just honk and be a dirt bag like that,” he told KREM News.

Facebook Mary Ann Pudelko

Instead, Max parked his car and jumped out to take a look. When other drivers saw what he was doing, two women decided to join the effort.

Confused driver

In the driver’s seat of the vehicle they found a man, dazed and seemingly confused. At first he said nothing, but, after a time, he gathered the strength and told Max that he had low blood sugar.

The aiders noticed his condition was deteriorating and so one of the women gave him a coke to help replace the sugars he had lost.

Max then called for an ambulance.

Minutes later, the ambulance had arrived and the man was immediately taken to hospital.

Facebook Mary Ann Pudelko

Of course, if Max hadn’t stopped to check, the situation could have ended in disaster. While other drivers were merely angered by the man, it was clear to Max that he needed to intervene.

“If I was in his situation, I would want someone to help me. …I stopped because I always try and make an effort to help people on the side of the road,” Max said, of the incident.

One proud mother

Since the event, Max’s mother has spoken about how proud she is of her son. She said that’s exactly how she hoped to raise him – to always consider others.

– “You always hope that your children will do the right thing, and when he did, I became very proud. Nowadays, and in his age, there are many children who do not think of anything but themselves. He got up and made a difference,” she said.

Without Max, the man could have died right there in his car. While others were content to beep their horns and drive on, Max distinguished himself as a hero of the moment.

I think we should share Max’s story far and wide – let’s remind others just how important it is to care for other humans!