Down Syndrome Girl Rejected By 20 Foster Families, A Single Man Steps Up to Be Dad

When you look at Luca Trapanese, you will probably see a loving father who is in love with his precious little girl named Alba. What’s not obvious is the unusual circumstances that came together to make the two a family. When you hear their story, you can believe in destiny. Luca, a 41-year-old gay bachelor from Naples, Italy. For years, he dreamed of a family, but when he and his longtime partner broke up, it seemed like his dream would never come true. It turns out that fate had something special in mind for Luka, and this happened when he got a call from the adoption agency in 2017.

The agency told Luca that they had a newborn baby girl for him, but that she had Down syndrome. It broke his heart to learn that not only did her mother decide she couldn’t take care of the little girl, but 20 adoptive families also rejected the precious little girl. For Luca, however, Alba was an answer to his prayers. When he felt her in his arms for the first time, he said he felt “overcome with joy” and added that she immediately felt like his daughter. The actual adoption process wasn’t easy because Italy has strict adoption policies, the strictest in Europe. For one thing, surrogacy is illegal and gay parents can’t be listed on birth certificates as co-parents.

When it comes to single parents, they can be considered as adoptive parents on a case-by-case basis only. So the stars truly had to align for Luca and Alba to become a family. When he adopted his little girl, she was only 13 days old and he was told that the only way he could adopt a baby was if there was one that no one else wanted or a child who had a severe disability, an illness, or behavioral problems. As it turns out, Luca has tremendous compassion for people with illnesses and disabilities because he lost his best friend to cancer when he was 14 years old.

But what will you tell Alba about her mother when she is old enough to understand? He says he will tell her the truth because she has a right to know the truth. He will tell her that her mother loved her so much that she left her in the hospital because she knew that he, Luca, would be looking for her. It won’t even be a stretch for Luca. This is how you see it. Watch this touching interview below.