Caretaker told this chimp she lost her baby. What the chimp did next was heartbreaking

Washoe, the chimpanzee, has been taken from the wild when her mother was killed. She was adopted by Drs. Allen and Beatrix Gardner for their research. Later, she had shown some very impressive skills. She learned how to dress herself, brush her teeth and play games. Not only this, but she was also able to communicate using American sign language in a very short time making her the first chimpanzee to break the language barrier with over 35 words.

One day, Washoe was sad and wondering why her caretaker, Kat, disappeared and hasn’t showed up for days. When Kate came back, she told Washoe the reason why she was away: she had a miscarriage and eventually she lost her unborn baby. You won’t believe the response that Washoe gave after knowing this! This was enough to leave me speechless! This is one of the touching stories that proves once again that animals have souls and emotions just like humans!

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