After seeing little boy shivering in the cold – bus driver buys hats and gloves for all children on his route

Bus drivers are one of the most hardworking people. Waking up super early to transport the young students back and forth to school each and every day is not an easy task to do.

Now that it’s getting into the winter months, it’s very important for parents to help their kids stay warm. But not every family has extra money to spend on a hat and gloves every year, especially since so many kids outgrow their winter clothes every year as they grow up.

Bus driver John Lunceford was making his usual morning rounds in 2016 when he spotted a young boy shivering at the bus stop ahead without any gloves on, the veteran bus driver knew he had to do something.

The first step was putting gloves on the young boy’s cold hands. While he didn’t have an extra set of gloves handy, he did give him his own gloves to help warm the boy up.

After his shift ended, Lunceford went straight to the local dollar store to buy more winter gear for his riders. He picked up things like gloves, hats, and scarves to have on hand for when another student got on the bus and needed to warm up.

Lunceford even went out of his way to give that first young boy who initially brought the idea to his mind a set of winter gear.

After handing out gear to his riders, Lunceford took things a step further and went to the local library to ask if anyone needed clothing for the cold weather. When he saw the positive response he was getting, Lunceford made it his mission to ensure all children he encountered had the proper winter gear to protect them from the harsh elements.

When the school district heard about their bus driver’s kind deed, they decided to share his inspirational story on Facebook. The story went viral in 2016, but Lunceford insists he isn’t doing this for attention.

In fact, he doesn’t even like the fame and recognition. He simply want so to make sure no child is left to suffer out in the cold without the right protection.

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