A Colony of Solar Powered Flying Microbots

Robot makers have always used small animals, fish and insects as samples to build their robots.  These robots lead to innovations in some sophisticated science fields like computing and electrical engineering.

Harvard university is working on a new innovative project called the Harvard Robobee which is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Building and controlling tiny robots is a complex task. This was discussed by the project members in an article in scientific American in March 2013. One of the major challenges that the team faces is the power source  ability to make the heavy robots fly at the first place.


According to scientists, robotic bees will be used in different aspects of life starting from pollinate field crops and environment exploration to military surveillance.

To solve the problem of power sources scientists have created what is called solar powered wings to provide energy to the new miniature robots they are designing. In addition to that, they have equipped these robots with ultra low power computing and electronic sensors.

Because of the decline in the bee population, scientists are working days and nights to create robots imitating the real bee colonies. These robots can serve as a real pollinator of field corps and they can manage to do many other tasks in all the aspects of life.

By A. El Hani

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