9-year-old boy keeps getting in trouble for doodling in class, eventually lands a job decorating restaurant with his drawings

Joe Whale is a 9-year-old boy who would always get into trouble for doodling in class.

Fortunately, instead of making him stop scrubbling in his workbooks, his parents encouraged him and helped him free his imagination. Joe started going to an after-school art class.

Joe loved it and his creative skills start to showing up. This class made him improve creating his doodle characters.

His teacher was very impressed by his talent and shared it all over Instagram. This gave Joe another big opportunity to become a real artist at very young age.

His drawings gained the attention of the Shrewsbury restaurant Number 4. They offered him to go to the building and decorate their dining room with his doodles.

Everyday after school, Joe’s dad drives him to the restaurant. Young Joe is allowed to draw everything that comes in his mind, his imagination was literally reflected on the walls of the restaurant

In an interview for Metro, his dad said:

“Joe is a really talented little boy, he’s excelling at school, he’s a great footballer and cricketer, but drawing is definitely what he is most passionate about.

He was in school getting frustrated at the little amount of art he could do so he used to doodle on the table’s whiteboard in class and get into trouble for doodling.”

According to Greg, when the restaurant contacted them, they wanted Joe to complete an art piece in their main dining area.

“We were over the moon.

Joe loves doodling and we’re so proud of everything he’s achieving, the fact that a completely independent business has asked our nine-year old son to do a professional piece of work for them is incredible.”

His art teacher shares she recognized Joe’s talent right away.

“I asked his parents for some of his work to assess his level and could not believe what I was looking at. We moved him into an older class straight away. His work is very exact and immaculate, it’s very balanced. He goes straight to ink and creates perfect work straight from the start, no practicing beforehand”

Now Joe wants to become a professional artist and his family is giving him all the support. We wish Joe a journey full of achievements and success!

Learn more about The Doodle Boy in the video below:

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