3-Week-Old Baby Choking On Gas Relief Drops Saved By Cop

The web has been surrounded by a video from the US state of Arkansas in recent days, in which we can follow the drama recorded by the camera on the body of a police officer.

He responded to the call for help, and with his action saved the life of a barely three-week-old baby who began to choke.

Officer Cody Hubbard was among the first to respond to a call for help, in which the parents were left powerless when their baby began to choke. A camera on a police officer filmed a battle with the time and he rescued the 3-week-old baby at the last moments.

The policeman first gently tapped the baby on the back, then soon the sound was heard that everyone was waiting for – the baby began to cry on its own.

Thanks to a quick and smart response, the officer will receive an award this month for saving the baby’s life. Take a look at what dramatic moments the camera captured, mounted on the body of a police officer.