2-year-old boy finds $1000 his parents have been saving and shreds every dollar

Many couples work hard to save money to pay bills on time or in case of emergency. This couple decided to hide their saved money at their house, but they had no idea that their 2-year-old son, leo is mischevious and would discover the hidden money. The little Leo ended up shredding roughly $1,000 that his parents had saved in an envelope in 2018.

After Ben Belnap’s parents gave him and his wife season tickets to go see their favorite football team, Ben wanted to save as much money as possible to pay them back. They started putting money in an envelope to save over the course of a few months. Soon, they had the money needed to pay Ben’s parents back.

Ben and Jackee started looking for the envelope one day so that they could take it to pay for the tickets, but the envelope with over $1,000 was missing. They started looking in every drawer and area in the home that they could think of, not realizing that their toddler had the money the entire time.

Sure enough, the money had been shredded to bits. Leo, the sly 2-year-old, had taken the envelope and put the contents through the shredder. Ben and Jackee were saddened by what their son had done to the money that they had saved. They were also surprised by how their son could have found the envelope in the first place as it was hidden.

Watch as Ben and his wife turn a situation that could have been devastating into one that is memorable for the family. Don’t forget to show this to your friends and family.