How to realize that you are a victim of gaslighting

You need to be aware of the warning signs that will be definite indicators that a narcissist or other manipulative person is trying to do evil, nasty and awful things to you to make you think that you are going crazy.

Gaslighting is a term that has come about because of a man in a movie who abuses a woman named Paula by somehow tampering with a gaslight in the attic of their home that makes the other lights in the rest of the house to go dim. When the woman mentions to him about the footsteps that she has heard in the attic and the dimming of the lights that she has seen, he denies the reality of it all and tells her basically that she is going crazy. This causes her to seriously question the validity of her own sanity and mind.

1. You are consumed with how grand they present themselves to be.

You may suffer from low self esteem and may become addicted to your narcissist even if he is treating you badly, because to try to hide his true colors he treats you right sometimes. You feel so in love that you are almost intoxicated with it all and your better judgement becomes impaired to the actual bad parts of the relationship.

2. You think there are red fags popping up, but you are not sure what exactly they are.

The narcissist becomes tired of you, because that is they way narcissists are. He complains that you are needy and pushes you away. You wonder why he is doing this and think there is something wrong with yourself, when there really isn’t. The real blame is to be put on the narcissist, but you try to fix yourself anyway.

3. You suffer from withdrawal when you are not getting his attention.

You actually experience symptoms of suffering from withdrawal when this narcissist no longer pays attention to you, because you have sadly become so addicted to him. You suffer anxiety and you become fixated on all his doings, his actions, where he is going, who he is with, etc.

4. You lower your bar when the narcissist gives you attention, then ignores you, then repeats the cycle over and over again of giving you attention and ignoring you.

He gives you some attention, then ignores you, because he loves how this damages your self esteem and he knows you will set your bar low to accept the terrible things he does to you, which he gets a sense of power from.

5. You go around continually questioning your own sanity.

The manipulator will gaslight you, which means that he will do weird things and then deny that they actually are happening. He will question your sanity to make you question your sanity, which is really what the manipulative narcissist wants in the first place.

6. You have a continual sense of guilt and always go around apologizing when things really are not your fault.

Since now are always second guessing yourself, everything you say and do seem like big mistakes, so you go around apologizing: the narcissist loves this, because he wants you to feel badly about yourself, which boosts his own evil ego and his own twisted sense of self worth.

7. He acts like you are attacking him when you mention you want a divorce.

The narcissist acts like he is the victim and will not take any responsibility for the evil he had done when you mention that you want out of the marriage.

In conclusion, you must now realize when you are being abused by the narcissist. The narcissist does these things because he thinks too highly of himself and thinks he is super special when he is not. Do not bow to the narcissist. Be careful and do what you need to take care of yourself instead of bowing to the whims and abuse of the narcissist.


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