5 Exercises For Boosting Your Memory

It is commonplace for people to say that there is nothing they can do about their ability to remember things. Some are resigned to the fact that they have a poor memory while others boast of being able to remember quite a lot. Unfortunately, this in untrue and you can always improve your ability to memorize things. All you need is a little dedication and of course practice.

To grasp this, you need to understand that your memory is linked to your brain. This means that by promoting brain health, you are also growing your mind.

Memory comes in two forms, long-term and short-term. The short-term one handles things that you need to remember right away while the long-term one takes care of items that you may not need to access every now and then.

In most cases, it is the short term memory that is in use, and can hold roughly seven items at a time. This means that if you push a lot of information into it, you will lose most of it. This could explain why many people end up forgetting some of the items on their shopping lists.

Given the role that each memory type plays, this guide will look at some of the best exercises to improve memory that you can carry out before going to sleep.

Exercises to Improve Memory

Reviewing your day’s activities is one simple way of boosting your memory. Simply lie in bed probably with lights out and try to remember all the activities that you have carried out during the day chronologically. In the beginning, it may be hard to remember a lot of information but with time, your brain gets used to the exercise and the volume keeps growing.

Other Tips

There are other mind exercises and ways to boost your memory and below are some of the common ones.

Maximize Your Senses

Using many of your senses at ago is key in improving your memory. Studies show that information learned through smell, touch, taste and even sight is not easily forgotten. Although using more than one sense in perceiving information may not be applicable in all cases, try as much as possible to use more than one where possible.

Break up the Information

It is widely accepted that finishing a complex task is just as hard as remembering it. However, the same way such tasks can be broken down for easy resolution is the same way they can be remembered easily. Since your short term memory is also limited to seven items, breaking up larger pieces of information into smaller one makes it easy to remember them. For example, when remembering a phone number, many people opt for splitting it into bits of between three to four digits so that they can remember it effortlessly.


Working on something several times is also an effective way of ensuring that you do not forget. To make repetition even more successful, ensure that there is sufficient time between the different instances when the activity is carried out.

Establish a Connection

It is easy to learn and even remember something if you have a connection with it. Linking what you already know about what you are learning will make it hard to forget. Therefore, you can easily remember things by establishing some commonality during the learning process.

The ability to remember things is intimately tied to the way you learn and keep using the learned information to solve problems. By shaking up your brain to learn new things, you are not only keeping it busy but also boost brain power.

Regardless of your profession and even day to day activities, everyone can improve their memory. By working with these tips, you will have a memory that will serve you diligently even as you grow older.


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