Thirsty koala and family’s pet dog share drink in Adelaide backyard

A video of a koala sharing a dog’s drinking water is a bright moment in an otherwise troubled time for those who live in Australia.

The Stone family dog – Rusty – knows the semi-koalas very well and the two are friends. They often visit the Stone Peninsula in the Stone family’s back yard when it’s hot to get water and shelter, Daniel Stone told 7 News.

In the video, Rusty greets his boyfriend and fucking husband and shares a lovely moment.

Andrew Frost, who has now shared the viral video on Facebook, explains:

“My neighbours Kevin and family have a resident Koala that comes down for a drink when it is really hot. Down yesterday and today. Riley Stone and Olivia Stone have a dog, Rusty, who knows the Koala pretty well and they are mates (buddies for you in the US) – here they are hanging out filmed by Danielle Stone. The family has some great videos of this lovely animal.

(Yes the country is on fire, climate change is real and many politicians are in denial but [it’s] nice to post something smiley).”

“Rusty doesn’t mind sharing a bowl of water at all,” Danielle told 7News. “I think people could learn a thing or two from this couple.”