The Moment Of A Bride With A Disabled Man Is Shown In A Spectacular Wedding Video

A beautiful wedding video has appeared on the network, proving that the bride and groom are truly in love.

The bride chose a man who has had many health problems since birth.

Shane Berkov, 29, from the United States was born with psoas atrophy, a condition that affects a patient’s ability to walk, swallow and breathe, and many patients lose their struggle for life at a young age. At the same time, Shane is a guarantee that he will be able to live and enjoy life, despite a serious illness.

Six years ago, he met Hannah Aylward and soon struck up a relationship. At first, they met with a difference of only two years, and then Shane moved in with her. After two years of marriage, he proposed to her, and last year they promised to get married and be faithful to each other forever.

Their wedding video was posted online these days and is still a hit to this day, proving that there is true love. Good luck in your marriage and life together!