Sweet Dog Comforts Man In The Park Who Recently Lost His Own Dog

The web was surrounded by a moving video in which the author filmed his dog as he visited an elderly man in the park.

The owner of the dog had a very special reason to direct the dog towards an older man who was sitting alone on a park bench.

The author of the video and the owner of the dog found out that the older man in the video recently lost his dog. That’s why he decided to brighten up an old man’s day with the company of his dog.

The older man was genuinely happy with the dog’s visit, and the video is already a real success online – it has reached more than half a million views on the YouTube network to date.

Take a look at the wonderful move in which the owner, with the help of his dog, brightened the day for an older man in the park. These are the moments when every person’s heart plays.