Stray cat crawled right up onto a girl’s lap and snuggled the two became family

A few weeks ago, Chris Paul, who rescues and cares for community cats in his neighborhood, noticed a new face in the neighborhood.

A blue-eyed cat showed up one day to join the fun among the other cats, and came back a few days later.

Over the weeks, the cat slowly warmed to his food provider and became more and more chatty as he let his guard down.

Then an even bigger breakthrough came when I introduced him to Catnip and Silver Vine: Chris shared. He would turn around and let me stroke his stomach and generally have a good time.

It was then that Chris knew the cat belonged to a good house and decided to seek a rescue to help the deserving cats. The Suncoast Animal League (in Palm Harbor, Florida) has grown rapidly. With the help of a silver vine, the friendly wanderer fell into a human trap, saying goodbye to life on the streets.

Kelly has finally found her perfect feline friend. Sinatra was never a full-time breast again. Once Kelly wakes up in the morning, he is ready to love and be loved.

It’s like he’s been part of the family since he arrived here. He sits on her knees in the wheelchair while she does her homework and snuggles up to her all day.

It’s just a cuteness overload here!