Shoes shiner becomes CEO and hires only disadvantaged or homeless people

Drew Goodall knew what was fame when he was actor. At some point, he couldn’t keep up with all the roles offered to him, he was good popumar actor. But nothing is guaranteed in life, Drew wasn’t getting any acting work and this led him to losing his work and finding himself in the streets of London.

Goodall was looking for any job to survive, so he started shining other people’s shoes and believe it, with that tiny job, he was able to build his business. Now, Goodall is paying his time on the streets back by only hiring other people who were in his same position.

According to BBC Stories, a stranger, who often walked by Drew sitting on the street, offered him a few words that would once again change his life. The stranger mentioned that Drew could clean shoes in London. With only the expense of a brush and some polish, Drew thought it was feasible.

While he was only polishing worker’s shoes passing his corner, London’s hawking laws made his business illegal because it didn’t have a legitimate office or workspace. Drew could’ve been arrested. Thankfully, one of Drew’s regular customers stepped in to offer him a suitable working space so he wouldn’t have to work in secret and could earn enough money to get off the streets.

This kindness changed Drew’s life, and Sunshine Shoeshine was officially born. It took years of dedication and hard work, but Drew’s business is now making a profitable income.

Drew’s shoe-cleaning company hasn’t forgotten those currently wearing the shoe of homelessness. So, Drew is giving others a helping foot. He only hires the homeless and those struggling to prevent it for themselves.

Alan is one of Drew’s employees, and he calls the job a saving grace that’s restored his purpose. He has poor sight and suffers with mental health issues, but, thanks to his job, he feels more human, confident, and like he has a future again.

Sunshine Shoeshine is also providing Alan with a resume, proving skills and abilities, that can use to expand his employment horizons even further in the future.

Drew has been very clear that the wrong/ problem isn’t in others being so quick to judgment as he told the BBC. The real problem here is in being aware of all the homeless and disadvantaged endure and still not being able to set judgment aside long enough to offer a simple helping handling someone in desperate need.

While Drew has managed to get back on his feet with a few helping hands and is certainly doing his part to extend that hand to others, there remains many in need.

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