Much-loved neighbor passes away then family learns he left 14 years worth of gifts for their daughter

After the Williams family moved to a new house, they were wondering what kind of neighbors living next door. Thankfully, the family was lucky to have a nice neighbor who made them feel fortunate from day one.

Ken Watson is an amazing Welshman who spent most of his life living in the town of Barry in Wales, and was happy to get to know the Williams family and day by day, he became one of the family members. Little the Williams family knows that Ken was planning  a big suprise for them.

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The father-of-two had a fascinating past and was something of a daredevil having completed several parachute jumps in his 80s and even tried wing walking, according to Shareably.

When the Williams family moved into the house next door Ken was 83 years old and up a 20ft ladder on their first meeting.

The retired commercial deep sea diver was a delight to live next to but then sadly, his wife died and Ken became a recluse, locking himself away for days on end, the Shareably article said.

The Williams family decided to try and spend more time with Ken to help him through his grief, knowing what a lovely man he was.

He became like another family member and Ken was so grateful for his caring neighbors.

When Caroline and Owen Williams discovered they were pregnant, they couldn’t wait to share the news with Ken.

Ken was overjoyed and started to look forward to life more with the prospect of spending time with the new baby.

In 2017 Cadi was born and Ken was so happy for Caroline and Owen. The baby girl even reminded him of his own daughter, who was grown up now.

When Cadi was just a toddler tragedy struck and Ken passed away. The Williams family were so distraught to lose the neighbor they cared about so much.

A few days before Christmas Owen Williams answered the door to Ken’s daughter holding a big sack.

She explained that Ken had known he hadn’t got long left to live and had spent his last few days buying presents – enough for Cadi to open one every year until she was 16.

The first of the gifts from Ken was opened and it was the children’s book “Christmas Eve at the Mellops”.

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Every time Owen and Caroline read this book with their daughter they will be reminded of their sweet neighbor Ken.

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