Mom With Brain Cancer Has Only Few Days To Live.. Miracle Occurs When She Asks Church for Help

Everyone has his own religious beliefs, but in life, there are these moments when you can only ask for a miracle.. Whether by a prayer, meditation or a trance. This one moment, when we disconnect from the outside world and focus on our inner energy? is quite powerful..

One mom from Georgia totally agrees with this, she knows it from her experience and she believes that prayer has the power to help you overcome a challenge no matter how hard it is, for example, a serious illness…

Ashley Hallford was a young mother-to-be living in Douglasville, Georgia.  She was happy with her pregnancy, but she started having concerns the day she noticed a “knot” at the back of her head.

She ignored it at first, but she got worried when it worsened. After a medical check, the doctor informed her that she has a rare form of cancer.

The situation was getting risky since since Ashley was pregnant then and she needs to be careful with her treatment.

33 weeks of pregnancy are passed, so Ashley needs to be induced to give birth to her baby and start her treatment.. This was the first sign of her miracle.

Event though the doctors estimated that the newborn baby may need to be sent to the NICU, the baby was in a very good health that he could go home right away, but it wasn’t the same case for his mom Ashley.

Only four days after giving birth, Ashley had to undergo surgery, and it wasn’t looking good.

Doctors realized that the cancer had already spread, and there is no chance of more operations. The only solution was an intensive radiation treatment

However, even under intensely high doses, the disease was unstoppable. Without hope, doctors advice Ashley, with stage four then, to get her “things done”.

Ashley refused to give in and turned to prayer. Her church also supported her with their prayers and various offerings and signs of spiritual support.

And then, out of nowhere, with no idea, how and when, the miracle happened…

At just a little over 7 months after being told her cancer was inoperable, she had a clean radiation scan. She was in remission.

Hallford credits her turnaround to God “100 percent.” She told MSN, “I just want to spread hope. When I speak at churches … I want to give people the strength to go on … And if that’s what I could do in life, I would die happy one day.”

Today Hallford is the proud mother of three children and is leading a happy and healthy life. While no one knows what the future holds, she knows that through the power of prayer and those quiet moments, we can face the future with strength and peace.