Girl Is Teased For Her Hair. Teacher’s Brilliant Method of Helping Her Starts a Trend in Class

Kinsie Johns, a third grade teacher at Annette Winn Elementary School, the Georgia schoolteacher is passionate in her work and loves her students so much.

One day, she noticed some upsetting behavior going on inside her own safe haven of a classroom. One of her students was being teased for her creative “space buns” hairstyle, Kinsie stepped in where other teachers may have just let the kids “ deal with it themselves.”

The student had worn her “space buns” on Tuesday then again on Wednesday, that is when her fellow classmates started making fun of her hair, picking on and calling her “Space girl”.

Johns, unhappy with her students’ actions, decided to form a plan with the mistreated student to put an end to the name-calling and turns it into a teachable moment.

“She told me yesterday that some students were making fun of her hair and picking on her,” Kinsie wrote on her Facebook page. “So, after a little planning with her and a written reminder on my hand, today, we showed up with the same hair just to prove a point.”

The following day, Mrs. Johns walked into her classroom and made her students’ eyes went wide when they saw her. They couldn’t believe their eyes, especially the student who had been teased.

“She was beaming when she saw me and the students noticed that our hair looked the same.”

Mrs. Johns posted on Facebook that she encourages her students to be themselves. She quoted Dr. Seuss, “why fit in when you were born to stand out!?,” with a picture of herself and the student.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?”

Kinsie  never expected that her little support for her student would go so viral.

“The little point I was trying to make turned into a huge support for my little friend. All the girls in my class are wearing their hair in ‘space buns’ and even some of the boys got involved! They all wanted to support her and we even got some second graders involved!”

it was possible for the third grade teacher to choose another way to solve the situation by scolding those who teased and made fun of the student. However, she went and chose the best way that will go benefit to everyone.

There are many other kids like this students who struggle daily with the bullying, and suffer silently. This social issue may lead into depression, mental health struggles, and even suicide, it’s a blessing to know that this teacher was able to have a positive impact on all of her students.

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