Dog Tries To Help Disabled Owner By Pushing His Wheelchair

Danilo Alarcón did not know how to proceed after a horrific accident that left him paralyzed. Everything in his life seemed to have come to an abrupt end and he didn’t want to pick up the pieces. Life in Davao, Philippines was already complicated – but being paralyzed made it 10 times worse.

Fortunately, a furry angel was about to be sent into Danilo’s life. This friend is going to transform Danilo from a depressed and disabled man into a city man!

He ran into a little puppy named Digong and knew they were meant to be friends! And boy, Danilo was right. In the seven months since the universe brought them together, Danilo has trained a Digong to help him move his wheelchair around town.

Without Digong’s help, Danilo couldn’t get around his house, let alone the bumpy dirt roads!

Faith Rivella and her husband Dango were the first to spot Danilo and Daejong and share the snaps online!