Adorable Moment Bullied Teen Who Suffered Abuse On Valentine’s Day Gets School Surprise To Show How Special She Is

A college girl named Aislinn Bowermaster was so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day in her classroom. The 12-year-old stayed up late at night before baking delicious heart-shaped cookies for all of her classmates.

Aislin arrived at school the next morning heartbroken when she realized that no one in her class had given her cards or gifts for Valentine’s Day. The day got even more dire when Aislin was bullied because of her weight. She left school crying and ran to Kristen’s house to get the support she badly needed. But despite Kristen’s best efforts, Aiselyn locked her room and refused to come out. Kristen called her best friend Abby for mothering advice. “How could I cheer her up ?!” I cried to Abby. Abby hung up the phone and told her teenage stepson what happened to Aileen …

In the poignant clip below, stepson Abe Isaiah visits his friend Aiselen’s college and interrupts his class during lunch. There, in front of the entire cafeteria, he waits for Aiselin to come out of the crowd to show how special she is.