Depressed Dog Is Alone At Shelter For 2 Years, But Then Recognizes A Familiar Smell

When Paquita was taken out she was understandably skeptical and still a bit withdrawn. But that all changed when she smelled a familiar scent.

Pakita is a dog from Argentina whose life story goes from heartbreaking to heartwarming.

She was spotted wandering the streets and taken to Arca Animal center where the staff welcomed her with open arms.

However, gaining Pakita’s trust and love wasn’t an easy thing to do not because she was a bad dog, but because she was too afraid and too shy to let anyone hear her.

One of the volunteers, Silvia Ferreyra, said that Pakita became even sadder when she saw people getting in and out of the place, adopting younger dogs, and she was still there. Not many visitors were interested in getting an older dog so Pakita spent two years in the shelter before a familiar scent changed it all for her.

Most of the photos that the volunteers took of Pakita showed her looking aside or covering her head, and it wasn’t util they posted a nicer photo that someone recognized her.

Ariel Naveira lost his dog and now his mom showed him the photo of Pakita. She resembled his pet whom he hadn’t seen in two years and he couldn’t stop wondering whether it was possible for this dog to be his.

Ariel visited the shelter the following day. Pakita was brought out, still feeling pretty doubtful and withdrawn. But then, all of a sudden, she caught a familiar scent.

Yes, Pakita was Ariel’s dog. He already lost hope of ever finding her, but his beloved dog was again by his side. The reunion was one of the most heartwarming we’ve ever seen.

Now that she is home again, Pakita is her old self; vibrant, confident, and happy.