The human condition is one that is constantly doomed to repeat itself. We are time and time again led like sheep to the slaughter by those who seek to control us. By use of deception, these powers throw confusion at the masses, plunging it into a perpetual state of fear, doubt, and servitude. They do this by contaminating the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the media and other entertainment we ingest on a daily basis.

  • The truth

When we don’t understand something, we tend to shrug it off, instantly forgetting about it and getting on with our lives in a kind of fog. But why the lack of understanding the in first place? Have we stopped using our brains? According to scientists, we only use a small percentage of our brain’s actual capacity. And we use this brain to adjust to belief systems designed for us to live within a society. Unfortunately, there are those who work tirelessly to create those belief systems, to build the stage where we play out our lives, in order to control our lives. This deception leads to a world that is in a constant state of confusion.

  • “The Onion Tale” 

The reality of our lives is like an onion; you need to peel back the layers to reveal the core truth. As you peel back the layers of information within our institutions – including pop culture – you begin to see greater forces at work here. From the sinister symbols that adorn music videos and company logos to world organizations such as the United Nations, there is clearly and agenda being pushed. However, those who see and understand, who have peeled back the onion layers, are often labeled as “conspiracy theorists” and are sometimes pushed to the fringes of society.

  • Who are the Indigo?

The beings referred to as “Indigo” are spiritual warriors who have come to Earth to help put humans back on track. They are sensitive beings who can connect with different species, are likely vegetarian, and can see through the lies being orchestrated all over the planet. They work for Gaia, who sees our planet as being infected with deceit. It is their job to help “wake up” individuals, to help them see the truth at the core of the onion, to “de-program” them. In reality, these beings, who may seem aloof or even hot-tempered at times, are far more powerful than the global elite who work to distort our perception of ourselves and everything around us.

  • In conclusion

This small group of elite masterminds have amassed an outrageous fortune between them. So what else do they need? To control your life. Think of your life like a smartphone. The elite have an an app for every area of your life; from education to health, religion to money, they want complete control.

So how do we “wake up” and regain control of our lives? To begin with, stop watching television. News shows share no difference with other entertainment media, so shut it off. And stop taking sides. Democrat vs Republican and Right vs Left only exist to conquer and divide. Do this for a year, and your perception on life will change dramatically.

Source: Rattlereport

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