They look exactly like ice cream! these unique tulips are beautiful signs of Spring.

For many years, this one particular flower, the tulip, has been celebrated all over with its own festival. Held in such countries as the US, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, India, England, and many others, tulip festivals have become an important announcement that spring has finally come.

But these stunning tulips, which have at least twice the number of petals as regular tulips, offer a pop of color that is guaranteed to signal that spring is finally here.

This celebrated tulip called “Ice Cream” Tulip which have soft pink petals and what looks like a scoop of ice cream on top, is so loved by green thumbs around the world that festivals are held in its honor.

“One of the more ‘out there’ looking Tulips, Tulipa “Ice Cream” first appeared on the scene in 1999,” according to Amsterdam Tulip Museum.

“Created by well-known breeding and distribution company Vertuco BV, it features soft pink petals at its base, with fluffy white petals pouring out on top, like a Sundae or scoop of, yes, ice cream.”

These rare blooms grow up to 16 inches tall and bloom late April and early May. For those who want to grow these special flowers the bulbs need to be planted in the fall and after flowering do not require pruning.

I need these beautiful blooms in my life.

With flower festivals cancelled this year please share with all your green thumb friends and help raise their spirits today.