How talking to yourself could actually mean you are a genius

People always look surprised when they see someone talking to themselves. While it may seem absurd, talking to yourself could actually mean that you are a genius. If you are not convinced, below are reasons positive self-talk is a sign of smartness.

Self-talk Enhances Memory

A study in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology indicated that talking to yourself can help you locate an item from a larger group quite easily. The study showed that participants who said out the name of what they were looking for had more luck finding it than those who did not.

When you talk to yourself, you can process visual information better. Therefore, if you have been trying to stop yourself from self-talking, then stop doing that. This is because another study has shown that people who try to stop this habit end up having problems switching from one task to another. This means that you will have problems multitasking, yet this is a necessary skill today.

Your brain has a limited memory just like your computer or smartphone. Everyone has a long-term memory for storage, current processing memory and working memory which keeps information about what you are working on. When you start talking to yourself, this working memory is also enhanced, and you get to work better.


Positive Self-talking Regulates Emotions

People who talk to themselves can manage their emotions better. This is because self-talk allows you to rationalize your emotions and reasons for failure and thus promote positive thinking. Those who talk to themselves also have a more positive outlook to life than those who do not. This is because it allows you to overcome a negative outlook and coach yourself to have a positive frame of mind.

If you can retrain your brain to turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk, then you are genius who enjoys a more productive life. By learning to rely on yourself, you also boost your esteem and appreciate your achievements even more.


Talking to Yourself Makes You Concentrate More

When you talk to yourself, you can concentrate better and see things more clearly. The same way talking to yourself can help with multi-tasking, it also helps with maintaining focus for a long time. This is because it helps you focus your attention on tasks that have to be done while making goals even clearer.

Saying the right things to yourself makes you a genius but what can you do if you do not have this skill?


How to Start Talking to Yourself

Start by asking yourself questions. Ask what you are doing and use terms like ‘‘I will be successful.” Try to be positive in yourself talk and you will see how confident you will become.

Giving yourself instructions is also an effective way of picking up self-talk. Tell yourself the steps of a task you are doing loudly and you will find yourself becoming a self-talker.

Encourage yourself by voicing encouraging words. Things like “Great work” or “You’ve got this” will get you going.

Stick to Positive Self-talk. Never say discouraging things like “I’ll never do this right” because such language affects your mood.

Understand that making mistakes is one of the things that make us human and thus forgive yourself when things go wrong. Phrases like “It is okay, you did not mean it” are some of the best ways to forgive yourself while learning self-talk.


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