An enthusiastic traveler has garnered online acclaim for her decision not to relinquish her coveted first-class seat to a woman seeking closer proximity to her teenager.

Dr. Sabra, a pharmacist and TikTok content creator, amassed nearly ten million views by sharing her jubilant response to the encounter.

The brief video, captioned “POV: Flight attendant asks if I’m willing to give up my 1A seat so a child can sit with their family,” captures her radiant smile as she declines the mother’s request.

Pharmacist and TikTok creator Sabra beamed after standing her ground and keeping the seat

Sabra, the pharmacist and TikTok content creator, radiated joy after confidently holding onto her seat.

Dr. Sabra expressed her disapproval of the mother’s request by accompanying her viral video with a popular TikTok background audio: “Girl, f*** them kids and f*** you too.”

“That’s a no from me dawg,” she captioned the video. “Would you have given up your seat? Also, they ended up finding a solution so no, I am not a terrible human being. Also, the child was like 13.”

Speaking to BuzzFeed, she explained that she was upgraded on her flight by Air France and declined the switch because it would have meant relocating to the rear of first class instead of remaining at the front.

She described the situation, mentioning that although it was still a first-class seat, it was located towards the rear of the cabin. She politely declined the offer to switch seats, opting to keep the one she had carefully selected. Fortunately, an alternative solution was swiftly arranged by the airline.

She shared that she often receives upgrades to first class due to her Delta status. However, this particular incident happened during her inaugural international first-class journey, and she had anticipated the quintessential “business class experience.”

Reflecting on her excitement for the flight and her meticulously chosen seat, she emphasized that this anticipation added to her disappointment. The airline had initially requested her to switch seats even before boarding, but she believed that declining wasn’t a lack of empathy.

She emphasized that it’s possible to maintain kindness and empathy while prioritizing one’s own comfort and experience. Additionally, she expressed the belief that parents should plan to sit together when flying with their children.

She refused to give up her prime A1 first class seat, one of the most coveted spots on a flight

She adamantly declined to surrender her coveted prime A1 first-class seat, one of the most sought-after spots on any flight.

The exchange came on a long-haul Air France A350 10-hour flight from Seattle to Paris

The encounter took place on a lengthy 10-hour voyage aboard an Air France A350, traveling from Seattle to Paris.

Many critics chastised the mother for her request, attributing it to her lack of prior arrangements.

“As a parent, it’s crucial to plan ahead,” remarked one individual. “I recently traveled to Europe for 1.5 months with my toddler, and no one was inconvenienced.”

“Never agree to switch seats unless it’s an upgrade. You shouldn’t be held responsible for others’ poor planning,” added another commentator.

Some even speculated that the mother’s request might have been a ploy to manipulate her way into the desirable seat.

“It seems like they booked two business and one economy ticket, hoping to pressure someone into relinquishing their seat,” suggested one observer.

“I wonder if some families intentionally purchase the cheapest tickets, intending to request seat changes by playing the ‘we have kids’ card,” pondered another.




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