Rescue Tiny Kitten Becomes The Boss Of Her Big Dog Family

Cats are often seen as aloof and indifferent creatures who want to have their own way. They don’t really care how small they are or how big those around them may be. They want to be seen as the boss of everything that is centered around them.

Meet three dogs Meera, Fred, and Willow, who live together under the same roof. They form a family, a pack and usually don’t hurt each other. However, the dog pack leader is not one of them. Their boss is a rescued kitten named TK. She was found alone on the side of the road and was rescued by the dogs’ mom Anneliessa.

When Anneliessa took the kitten home and introduced her to her dogs, she was worried that the dogs would hurt the tiny animal. But thankfully, they get along well and consider each other as a family. They didn’t even mind when TK would sometimes get a little wild.

Anneliessa was happy about that, but she never expected that the tiny kitten would be the boss of these big dogs. The dogs love her as she is sweet, weird, and she always knows what to do next.

Most of the time, the dogs are happy to have a tiny cat as their leader. They are lucky she is the head of their pack. No matter what happens, they love each other and are best animal friends.

Watch the video here:

Special thanks to Anneliessa, TK and three dogs Meera, Fred, and Willow. If you love this cute pack, you can keep up with them on Instagram.

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h.t: Dodo kids