Police Officer Says Goodbye To K-9 Axel –His Partner And One Of His Best Friends.

A salute is paid as the Central Falls Police Department and the surrounding community mourn the loss of retired K9 Axel. The great dog was an excellent worker and an extraordinary partner to his master, officer Dicristoforo.

The two were not just colleagues and helpers, they shared a bond that grew over time. When Axel reached retirement age, the dog was adopted from the Dicristoforo home to live out his golden years as a pet for five years.

“The bond between K9 Police and his partner cannot be broken, not even in death. K9 Axel may not be physically side-by-side with Officer Decristoforo, but he will always keep an eye on him and, in his own way, make sure he finishes each shift safely, as he did. When they were together. To keep the streets safe!” said a colleague on the Friends of Central Falls Animals Facebook page.

“I want him to know he’s given Axel the best life and best friendship ever!” He completed. “They were so lucky to have each other in life, and Axl will always take care of him. I love you Axl more than he loves himself! That’s exactly the kind of dog he was. He was yours! He would do anything for you. Now he needs you to do something of Stay strong and try to remind yourself that he doesn’t want to see you upset!

Our thoughts are with Officer Dicristoforo during this difficult time. I hope Axel rests in peace.