Outraged landlord finds huge mess left by rude tenants – Then he gets the most brilliant revenge

There are two types of tenants. Some are respectful, paying their rent at time and there are others who leave a mess, get rude and even forget to pay the rent.

Thomas Ravaux, of Rozoy-sur-Serre in Aisne, France, had to deal with some rude tenants who refused to pay rent for over a year.

This French landlord’s tenants left behind a massive mess when they finally left the rental unit. Ravaux found everything from empty boxes to a dirty litter box. He had had enough.

Ravaux knew where his former tenants had moved, so he decided it was time for some revenge

He cleaned out all the tenants’ mess and loaded into a dump truck. Then he went for a little drive.

Ravaux pulled up to the front door of his former tenants’ new home and unloaded the entire dump truck’s contents on their porch. Nothing was left behind.

The pile of debris was quite impressive and it just kept growing as the dump truck continued to do its job.

He was able to get a taste of sweet revenge that landlords don’t often get to experience with such tenants. His level of satisfaction was quite high

He was actually being nice and returning all their stuff to them. The only problem was that they weren’t expecting it.

Ravaux took photos of the entire operation and posted it to social media. The photos show just how filthy the tenants had left the rental unit

He commented on the photos, shaming the parents for living in such filth with three kids and leaving it behind for him to clean up. He also wished the new landlord luck in dealing with them.

Of course, readers loved the video he shot of the dump truck dump. It’s a solemn reminder not to mess with a revenge-seeking landlord who has access to a dump truck. What did you think of this landlord’s actions? Would you do the same? Have you had any similar experiences? We want to hear your stories. Pass this along to any landlord friends you might have!

People loved the video he recorded of the dump truck. This is a powerful reminder ‘respect to be respected’.

Tell us if you agree with the landlord’s actions? Would you do the same? Have you had any similar experiences? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below 🙂