Maine landlord offers free rent for April, encourages others to do same amid coronavirus

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the world should stand one to fight this and we should act for the greater good of each other. One of the many kind gestures humanity showed during this difficult time is made by one Maine landlord who decided not to collect money for the month of April, in order to help his tenants with their finances during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Two days ago I posted that, in order to mitigate economic hardship caused by COVID-19, I would not be collecting rent in…

Gepostet von Nathan Nichols am Sonntag, 15. März 2020

Nathan Nichols, who owns two units in South Portland, can see the impact the COVID-19 outbreak has had on the financial stability of the residents living in his properties. He has decided that by waiving the rent for the month it will provide his tenants with some much-needed relief and will ease their financial pressure as we face even more uncertainty.

COVID19 is going to cause serious financial hardship for service and hourly workers around the country. I own a two…

Gepostet von Nathan Nichols am Freitag, 13. März 2020

Nichols posted on Facebook, in order to draw attention to the plight of many residents at the moment. According to WGME, Nichols’ main motivation for posting was to inspire other landlords to follow his example if they have the means to, and to think nationally about how everyone can pull together so that no one ends up without a home. It looks as though it has begun to work as the post has so far had around 24,000 shares, and in some comments other landlords have said they will follow suit.

It is great to see the kindness of people in moments of darkness. Share this story with those who need a lift so it can inspire us all to do what we can to get through this together.