In Paraguay, a premature newborn seemed to revive after receiving a holy water blessing during her wake, astonishing her relatives. Born at just 32 weeks to a 21-year-old mother facing breathing complications, both lives were in jeopardy. Rushed to the hospital last Friday, doctors opted for premature delivery due to oxygen deprivation endangering both mother and child.

After an urgent cesarean delivery, the family received the heartbreaking news that the baby girl showed no signs of life and had succumbed. Subsequently, they obtained a death certificate and arranged a funeral, procuring a small coffin for the service.

Father Ignacio Medina Vega received the baby’s body from the hospital, tenderly placing his daughter in the petite casket and orchestrating a simple ceremony. However, during the wake, the baby’s uncle witnessed a miraculous moment as the infant moved her head after being blessed with holy water.

The hospital released the baby's body to father Ignacio Medina Vega (left), who put his daughter in a tiny coffin and organised a modest funeral

Father Ignacio Medina Vega (pictured left) received custody of his daughter’s body from the hospital. He gently placed her in a small coffin and arranged a humble funeral service.

But during the wake, her uncle saw the baby move her head after being sprinkled with holy water (pictured: the coffin the baby was lying in)

However, during the wake, the infant’s uncle witnessed her moving her head after receiving a sprinkle of holy water. (Pictured: the coffin where the baby lay.)

Ignacio (left, nex to his daughter's coffin) told local media: 'When the uncle arrived to say goodbye to her, he saw the baby was moving her head and was breathing. Then we went to look and we could see her little heart beating'

Ignacio (pictured left, next to his daughter’s coffin) shared with local media: “As the uncle came to bid her farewell, he noticed the baby moving her head and breathing. We then approached and could witness her tiny heart beating.”

Ignacio informed local media, “As the uncle came to bid her farewell, he noticed the baby moving her head and breathing.” He continued, “Then we approached, and we could see her little heart beating.”

Immediately, the family rushed the baby back to the Regional Hospital of Ciudad del Este in the Paraguayan city bearing the same name.

Doctors placed the newborn in an incubator in the intensive care unit, where she continues to battle for survival.

The father recounted, “She began crying when a doctor picked her up. The doctors described it as a miracle. The frightening part is that we were on the verge of burying her alive.”

It’s estimated that the infant spent over four hours in the coffin, with the lid closed for approximately half that time.

Following her purported “resurrection,” the baby’s parents have chosen to name her Milagros de Jesús, translating to Miracle of Jesus, as reported by local media.

Weighing less than 600 grams, the baby girl is back in the hospital, where doctors have provided a guarded prognosis.

Meanwhile, hospital authorities are investigating why she was pronounced dead.

Federico Schrodel, a hospital spokesperson, stated they haven’t dismissed the possibility of catalepsy, a condition marked by unresponsiveness to external stimuli, loss of consciousness, and body rigidity.

He added, “Given her premature condition, such occurrences are plausible, leaving the patient virtually devoid of any vital signs.”

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