Effects of Crossing Legs On Your Health

Crossing legs is considered as good etiquette by feminine and panache ethos.it is no doubt it adds class and sophistication to your personal presence. Despite the cheer that comes with crossing legs, it might be detrimental to your health if routinely practiced.

Below are 5 medical fears why you should stop crossing your legs:

Varicose veins are the blood valves that channel blood flow in the right direction. When you cross your legs, pressure is exerted in blood the vessels are unable to accord the compression. Increased pressure renders these vessels weak and in most cases cause blood to tarn.

When you cross your legs while sitting blood pressure rises. The reason behind this theory is that blood from the legs goes straight to the chest which progressively increases the amount of blood impelled out of the heart.

A research carried out in turkey reveals that, increased blood pressure is much evident in high-blood pressure patients. A test conducted by a clinic that specializes in hypertension show that blood pressure is more high when a patient is leg crossed. After uncrossing legs, it goes back to normal.

Isometric exercise may also trigger high blood pressure. The increased pressure prevents even blood flow. Consequently, temporal increase in blood pressure does not result long term effects. It places you at a risk of acquiring deep vein thrombosis. This is due to barred blood flow for a long period.

To stay healthy and in good shape you must quit the habit crossing your legs. It results into stouter shoulder, elasticized muscles on your lower body and makes you lean forward. Other shortcomings of habitual leg crossing are discomfort in the hips, lower back pain and neck pain.

Crossing legs repetitively also places you at a joint dislodgment risk. Consequently, it can prompt pelvic imbalance making your superficial thigh longer and your internal thigh shorter.
A study conducted in South Korea shows that crossing legs while sitting for long results into peroneal nerve palsy. This condition causes foot drop and numbness which makes it hard for a patient to lift toes properly.

This is caused by decreased supply of sensation by the peroneal nerve, due to increased pressure on the nerve. Therefore, crossing your legs for long might make your legs and feet numb. To intensify blood motion in the affected area, it is prudent to massage the disoriented muscles dynamically.
To conclude, you do not need to cross your legs to look graceful. You can advance your style by mastering the art of keeping your legs close without crossing them.

Effects of bad posture may appear less serious but can result into great damages if not remedied on time. Regular physical exercise can improve the flow of blood and safe us from getting this life threatening illnesses.

Choose a healthy life today by distancing yourself from leg crossing. Practice more harmless ways of decorum like sitting square or standing with poise.


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