When a group of tourists started joking and giggling during a soldier memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, this brave guard fixed this shameful situation very quickly even if guards are not allowed to speak in such occasions.

The Tomb Of The Unknowns is a monumental place where people typically come and reflect in silence, yet there were people out in the crowd laughing without any proper respect of where they were standing.

The most amazing thing is the way the guard reacted to the rude tourists. Though his tone of voice may have sounded menacing after people watched him guard in silence just moments before, he was still showing respect by requesting that others do also.

In the moment, the solider acted the way he believed was right by calling them out. Both before and after he makes his statement known, he himself is setting an example by remaining silent. Watch this shocking moment take place in the video below.

Watch how the guard on patrol put these disrespectful people in their right place. It is amazing to witness this kind of reaction especially in a such sacred ceremonies!

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