Brazilian 23-year-old man uses old tires to make cozy beds for stray animals

Some people with their kind gestures restore our faith in humanity and give us hope that the world is still a good place to live. One of these angels is Amarildo Silva, a Brazilian 23-year-old young man, an eco-friendly and animal activist. Amarildo came up with a creative idea to combine his skills and interests: He started creating beds from old tires for stray dogs and cats. He has now turned this into a thriving business.

It’s true that not all heroes wear capes, and Amarildo Silva is a shining example of this notion.

Silva saw an opportunity to rid the streets of waste and provide refuge to abandoned animals after stumbling upon discarded tires. After mulling over some concepts, Silva devised a novel idea: he could turn the recycled tires into beds for homeless animals, as reported here by Euro Weekly News.

Since embarking on this venture, Silva’s received 6,000 tires through donations, bulk purchases, and collection efforts. His noble mission has gained so much traction that individuals are willing to pay him for his tire-to-pet-bed creations. Having won substantial support from the public, Silva was able to create his own business.

Silva now offers personalized bed options that include colorful designs, names, and bedding. What started as a Good Samaritan deed has now snowballed into a profitable business concept. Before earning his stripes as a self-made entrepreneur, Silva was working an unfulfilling job as a grocery store attendant.

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