Bear with sad-looking eyes held for over 30 years got freed to live his life again

About three decades ago, Pippi the Bear was performing at a beautiful zoo in Pennsylvania. Life was very sweet for her. She pulls movements standing on her hind legs and impresses all tourists. Then the worst happened. Zoo closed.

Left to roam the zoo to find a way to survive, the animal that lacks human intelligence can certainly do good in such a desperate and lonely situation. She lived her life in abandonment and grief, but that was before these men stepped in to help her.

Since the animal was suffering from malnutrition and arthritis, PETA and the guys at The Animal World Sanctuary decided to collaborate and do something about it. They took Fifi to a better place and treated her. It was a glorious moment for the bear who lived 30 years in deplorable conditions. You will be happy for Vivi.

Watch footage of Fifi’s rescue below.